About the DataCenter team
The WDG data center team is a professional and top data center business team in Africa and China. Our team has expertise in data center facility design, construction, maintenance and general one-stop technical support. After years of hard work, we have won widespread praise from our customers.

Key Features

Specialize in Data Center
Develop standardised and professional Data Centers
One-stop Support
We provide support for anything that relates to Data Center
Committed to Innovations
Actively pursue new ways for better electricity efficiency
Go Green
Take consideration of environment and increase the portion of carbon-free energy
Our Team, Our Community
People and community are at the heart of us, we want to provide support wherever possible.In this way, we are able to bring greater positive impacts other than the crypto mining indusrty itself.
Need help for your
Data center?
We have been working on refining the Data Center side of the business and constantly enriching our experience within the industry. As of today, our team has built 10+ Data Centers around the world.
Our Data Center service includes:
• site research and reporting
• collaborative development
• site construction (design, construction and renovation)
• miner logistics (shipping, customs declaration and clearance)
• miner operation
• miner repairs
If you need any questions about Data Center, our A-suit team is ready to help.

Huawei SFC Data Center DC1

Huawei SFC Data Center National Data Center

Huawei SFC Data Center DC2

Huawei SFC Data Center DC3

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