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West Data Group (WDG) is a company registered in Hong Kong whose holding company is United International Engineering. The company is focus on data centers investment and construction for different fields including telecom, crypto mining, AI training, etc.
Over 5 years, WDG with our brother company Draz Group, have developed long term cooperation relationship with many reputable companies and partners, including HUAWEI, ZTE, Canaan Inc. Ethiopia Telecom, Safaricom, Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute, Ethiopia Information Network Security Administration, Ethiopia Electric Power and other government office and companies. With the support and guidance of partners, WDG has devoted himself in global data processing and digitalization enterprise.
In 2023, WDG established Wes Data Center Service PLC in Ethiopia and started to construct the 30MW data center for crypto mining. As one of the most important steps in the company development, this is the breaking point of 300MW PPA for data mining and AI training works. With strong local partners, WDG is eager to build the largest data process base in Ethiopia to further the prosperity of country.
Recent Events
06. 2017
Registration in Hongkong as United International Engineering Branch
01. 2018
Global Data Center projects construction with Draz Group.
10. 2020
Huawei SFC Data Centers DC1/ DC2/ DC3 Project in Ethiopia
11. 2022
Huawei SFC National Data Center Project in Ethiopia
05. 2023
West Data Center Service PLC (WDCS) established
11. 2023
30MW Bele Lemi Data Center Project
02. 2024
AI Data Center Projects in Addis and Adama
In the first half of 2023, WDG positioned its strategic focus on bitcoin mining, digital currency, AI training and related data center investment. This has enabled the company to deepen its involvement in all aspects of the blockchain industry, from production to circulation.
This business plan is to focus on WDG's Bitcoin mining business in the next five years. WDG's digital currency mining and data centers business is under planning.
1.Since the end of 2020, the price of Bitcoin has continued to rise, and the battle for computing power has become increasingly fierce with heightened mining difficulty and raising barriers to entry.
2.China's mining ban has played favorably for overseas mining companies seeking merger or collaboration opportunities. Overseas mining funds have accelerated their entry to China, grabbing computing power with force and speed.
3.In the next five years, WDG will focus on Bitcoin mining and launch an attractive monthly dividend scheme.
4.Our leadership team has extensive blockchain industry background and comprehensive supply chain resources, effectively driving our mining business development.
5.We have invested and will run our mining operation in Ethiopia in 2023 and would grow to 500MW power consumed project scope.
6.We plan to develop 150,000 mining machines in the next three years, which will drive our owned computing power to 6EH/s plus, close to 3% of the total network computing power.
7.We estimate that by 2028, WDG will be able to mine a total of 18,000 bitcoins, valued at above 1 billion U.S. dollars.
8.We expect the company's mining revenue to reach 320 million U.S. dollars in 2025, and the cumulative monthly dividend for four consecutive years will exceed 130 million U.S. dollars.
To shape the future of finance by merging our innovative blockchain solutions with the reliability of traditional finance to create a more secure, transparent, and inclusive financial ecosystem of empowered individuals and businesses backed by the most influential institutions on the planet.
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